class Codereis extends Human {
  String name = "Ali Rıza Reisoğlu";
  int age = 32;
  List<String> computerSkills = [
  List<String> spokenLanguages = [

Hello, this is Ali aka Codereis

I am a self-taught mobile developer with automotive engineering background. My aim is to build polished digital crafts with excellent user experience.

I aspire to become an expert in clean coding, Agile project management, Object-Oriented Programming and mobile design.

Aside from necessary formalities, I am genuinely in love being a developer which is; designing a bit, coding a lot, learning a lot more and sharing with the world.

I love basic things in life such as spending time with my wife and my family, doing exercises to physically recover from endless coding sessions and finding headspace by mindfulness practices for mental clarity.

I can talk about foods, cats, and coding bugs for ridiculously long hours and I can cook the best pancakes according to my wife.

Currently, I am working as a freelance developer on a contract basis, managing own project and writing Flutter tutorials on my website. If you are interested in working with me or talk about the best flutter state management tool, feel free to contact me!