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Cinegamely is a movie and game database app that is developed from the idea of finding movies that have video games to play and finding video games that has movies to watch. In short, it can be named as a cross-category search application.

Additionally, user can show some love and like to a product, add a product to a user created custom list and see the lists in detail under their own category. Please note that the lists can only be created to save products from the same category with intention of keeping each category separated.

What if the user doesn’t know what to search? For this reason, discover page comes in handy. The page offers top charts for each category as well as searching for random names. The idea is open for exploration therefore the first upcoming features will be implemented into discover page such as searching by genre, actor, director etc…

The app is available on Google Play Store and the App Store.


  • Search in a movie-tv show and game database with the same query
  • Switch between results from the same page


  • Get detailed information by tapping on the search result
  • Press “can you play?" button and see if your movie or tv show has a relevant game title
  • Press “can you watch?" button and see if your game has a relevant movie or tv show title


Play the addictive game Swiper
  • Choose from a different category to create random deck of products.
  • Swipe right to add a product to your list of likes
  • Swipe left to remove the product form the deck
  • Tap to ‘I’ info button to see the detailed information of the product.

Find new products in discover section
  • Find top movies, tv shows and games in their own category
Sign-up to unlock additional features;
  • Give a like to the products and save them into your likes
  • Create & edit custom lists for movies & tv shows and games separately
  • See your liked products and created lists under their own category


Personalize from settings screen
  • Choose from available languages
  • Switch between light / dark theme
  • Change current user password
  • Delete current user


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Technical Information

  • Framework ⇨ Flutter
  • Language ⇨ Dart
  • Design tool ⇨ Figma
  • Authentication ⇨ Firebase
  • Database ⇨ Cloud Firestore
  • Code architecture ⇨ Clean Architecture
  • State management ⇨ MobX & Provider
  • HTTP request ⇨ Dio package
  • Database for movies ⇨ The movie database
  • Database for video games ⇨ The internet game database
  • CI/CD Tool ⇨ Codemagic